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Wedding Hit - hell hath no fury like a woman scorned in this kill-her comedy where a man is sued by his ex-girlfriend for reneging on a promise to marry her. He is forced to say I do in 72 hours or go to prison. Not wanting to live in marital hell, he tries to kill her through humorous murder plots that all backfire on him. The only knot he wants to tie is around her neck.


Cradle of Love - a homeless woman is given a baby by an abused mother and she tries to raise it on her own despite adverse obstacles that put her and the baby's life in danger. With nowhere to go, no food and no one to turn to, she seeks avenues to turn her life around and away from the abusive father.   


Ayios - a powerful epic based on the atrocities of the July 20, 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus. One lone Cypriot warrior is thrust into the fight for vengeance as he leads the conflict to rescue his family and country through political uprising and personal turmoil. Torn between his love for his country and the love of one woman, he makes a heart-rendering decision that changes his life and the political climate forever. 


Buxom - a frustrated sales girl with big dreams to be a game show hostess joins a clinical trial to get breast implants hoping to secure her TV dream job. Getting used to her new cleavage is challenging as her breasts keep getting bigger and bigger in a series of incidents that find her questioning her decision to go big or go home. No bra is big enough to fit this comedy of huge proportions.  


Live and Let Spy - when the most diabolical criminal threatens to contaminate the world's wheat supply and unleash unspeakable acts of terror through biological warfare, a super spy with a secret weapon is dispatched to stop him from destroying life as we know it. Exotic locations, fast cars, beautiful women and an explosive conclusion all add to this heart-stopping action packed tale.


The Dead Club - Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean faked their deaths in an elaborate hoax to protect themselves from the high cost of fame. They are enjoying the 'afterlife' and social networking until an unscrupulous stockbroker discovers their secret is worth billions. The biggest celebrity story of all times is headed for the highest bidder. 


Michelangelo - outspoken and world renown Renaissance artist, Michelangelo overcomes a difficult and motherless childhood, and forges a painstaking path to create some of the worlds most magnificent artwork, including David; Bacchus; Madonna of Bruges; Tomb of Pope Julius II and more. Battling religious and political factions, jealousies, death threats, and a murder scandal all make this artistic drama memorable.

Rave Review - a frustrated actor unhappy with acting opportunities crosses the picket line in an actors strike and is blacklisted. He reinvents himself, makes his own film and gives the performance of a lifetime until it all comes crashing down. To be or not to be is not the question, but the answer in this quest to be seen and heard in the winter of his discontent. 


Plaza of Death - a daring matador is thrown into the ferocious corrupt arena of bullfighting after 
discovering that his father was brutally murdered by a ruthless impresario. With the odds of survival against him and his father's bullfighting legacy at stake, he takes the bull by the sharp horns in this vicious blood sport. 


Drakula: Angel of Death - a horror based on "Vrykolakas," the Greek origin of Dracula. An excommunicated priest on a path of destruction wreaks bloody havoc to all of those who have fallen off God's path. Blood is only an appetizer as this angel of death delivers man from the sins of his soul. If you see him coming, you're already dead. Beware of God's deadly blessings. Dead is in the details.



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