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Andrew C. Mathews

Producer/Director/Actor/Writer - Andrew C. Mathews consummated Thespis on a dream of creating a distinctive film company that poetized art and actualized commerce. Creatively inspired and business driven, he plays the part of Producer, Director, Actor and Writer. 


He is a visionary hyphenate; poker face negotiator; honorable strategist and principled professional who believes that above-the-line and below-the-line should always meet the bottom line.

Mr. Mathews was contracted to work with Maverick Films, producers of the phenomenal box office franchise, Twilight. At times working as a ghost producer with credited and uncredited titles, including Black Butterfly; Frankenstein: Day of the Beast; Slightly Single in L.A; Street Corner Sympathy; and God's Ghosts.

He wields a vigorous work ethic and superb leadership that focuses on a polished product derived by crunching numbers and breaking talent. Mr. Mathews liaises with A-list talent brokers on high calibre projects with budgets ranging from $10 million to $180 million involving, Ridley Scott, Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie, Will Smith, Eddie Murphy, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Jim Carrey, Robert DeNiro, Robert Duvall, Brad Pitt, Samuel L. Jackson, Richard Gere and others.

His efforts have landed projects at Paramount, New Line, Fine Line, Fox, Warners, Sony, Initial Entertainment, Spike and more, gaining serious interest for his political epic, Ayios. He worked on the set of The Wedding Planner with Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey, and was in early negotiations to broker a deal for Divine Rapture starring Marlon Brando and Johnny Depp for Touchwood Films.

Mr. Mathews' heritage lies in Cyprus where Aphrodite rose from the sea and his lineage stands in Britain where Laurence Olivier and Shakespeare once held court at the Old Vic. His training led to laudable performances in The Merchant of Venice and Richard III, which won him the coveted Gold Medal Acting Award. He is a recipient of the Society of British Fight Directors Award for armed and unarmed combat showing his prowess in fencing and ancient weaponry.

"Thespis is named after the first actor in ancient history who is the originator of the Greek tragedy from whence the word, Thespian was created. I want to take the Greek ethic of storytelling, put it back into the cinema and give people an interactive experience they can take home with them."
~Andrew C. Mathews

Robyn Starr

Producer/Screenwriter - Robyn Starr is a multidimensional and consummate professional whose skills include intellectual property acquisitions, marketing, research, development, casting, film psychology, celebrity climate, entertainment culture and industry trends.
Born and raised in Los Angeles w
ith the gleaming Hollywood sign as her backdrop, Ms. Starr was well entrenched in the filmmaking atmosphere. 
Training in screenwriting and excelling at actualizing characters, story, plot, development and curved-language dialogue, she earned accolades for her award-winning writing style. Her scripts have been praised at Paramount; Fox; New Line; Fine Line; Thespis; Warners; Sony and others.

She has also interviewed various celebrity superstars in the field of art, film, music, business. Her aptitude to engage her subjects led to interviews with Melissa Etheridge; Emma Samms; Chaka Khan; Peter Gabriel; Living Colour; Andrew C. Mathews; Peter Max; Beatrice Wood; Miles Copeland and many other artists, musicians, filmmakers and industry professionals.

"Film is an [e]motion picture that captures your inner workings and projects them onto the screen. It's a confrontation; a part of your visceral panorama. If I can push your buttons, get under your skin or cause a reaction in you through the characters then I have done my job. Every character has the potential to explode, my job is to detonate the charge."
~Robyn Starr

John Marinopoulos

Production Manager - John Marinopoulos is an award-winning Top Gun salesman who has knuckled down in the food industry for over 20 years. Born with a natural agility to sell, he is a no nonsense, hard driving workhorse who exceeds every goal he endeavors. Mr. Marinopoulos is a serial networker who completed F.A.B. "School for Eagles." He is proficient at opening new accounts and maintaining a loyal customer base by strengthening business and interpersonal alliances, increasing inflow, output and profitability in the competitive marketplace.
Born in Patras, Greece and growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, mentally prepared him when his family moved to Chicago to start a restaurant and grocery business. After high school he started his own restaurant and was one of the most successful teenage business owners, getting hands-on experience and business knowledge. 

Seeking a new challenge, he transitioned into the petroleum trade, got certified with Exxon and augmented his profitable pipeline into a multimillion dollar stake at the age of 27. 

Mr. Marinopoulos brings his skills to Thespis, assisting in logistics, locations, fundraising, production management, and he is the "Go-to" guy for getting things done. He has established himself as a multi-faceted player, intermixing with filmmakers and insiders to help secure multimillion dollar film transactions. He is a warrior not afraid to take chances constantly procuring the art of the deal through hard work.

"Hard work is the best reward for a full life. When you go to bed tired, then you know that you've done your best."  
 ~John Marinopoulos

Alexys Fairfield

Script & Web Content Creator - Alexys Fairfield is a prolific web content creator who moonlights as an inspirational blogger, turning her love for writing into writing for love. With a witty and soulful writing style, Ms. Fairfield has gained a stellar reputation for her evocative posts that compassionately turns her eyesight into insight. She's created 3 blogs including, Soul Meets World, Spiritual Mystique and Words To Remember and has written over 1,000,000 words of love, encouragement and enlightenment.

Ms. Fairfield is a creative virtuoso accomplished in all aspects of the written word. She brings an exceptional dimension and unique perspective to Thespis. Her people skills are integral to her technique of delving into the heart and soul of the story, characters, and plot while enhancing it's mechanical and artistic elements with perceptual ebb and flow.

By visualizing the story from start to finish, Ms. Fairfield ascertains if a story is viable for production. She originates the synopsis and logline; conceptualizes posters; taglines; product placement campaigns and overall design presentation. Alexys Fairfield synthesizes thoughts, ideas and concepts into stunning pages of creation that captivate and inform the reader with an unflinching flair and unequivocal style.

"We have all gathered here to create something original, not copy someone else. You can't be Picasso, DaVinci, Monet, Rembrandt or Michelangelo and you shouldn't want that. Not only did they fulfill their individual contracts with destiny, but their individuality contracts. Follow your own blueprint of imagination, volition and potentiality that leads to your star. You are the prototype of your dreams, arbiter of your choices and the key to your happiness."
~Alexys Fairfield

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